Nickname: "Bruuklin"

How do I recognize Bruuklin?

Bruuklin is a lovely milk chocolate brown, has ocean blue eyes and usually wears a baseball cap.

What does Bruce do?

Bruuklin is best described as a true Jock! Currently, cycling is favorite past time activity. His bike has mega-super-tires with a special green color. Making it hard to look away when he rides past the other Gelini! What makes them even better is that they match the color of the inside of his favorite cap. Because he is all that and more (#hipster)! In the USA, he met his great love AnnaLinn. Her charming smile and a quick wink are enough to get him to fulfill her every wish.

Characteristics: Sport is his life! Until now, mountain biking was downright the most fun he could imagine. However, since he met AnnaLinn that changed. He is becoming more of a family man by the minute. After all, there is nothing better than spending time with her.

Bruuklin fishing ...