Nickname: "KotzMotz"

How do I recognize KotzMotz?

Difficult question! Actually, we do not really know what color he has. It keeps changing - depending on his mood. Mostly his color can be described as some shade of turquoise.

What does KotzMotz do?

Actually, he would like to be the center of attention, involved in everything. However, nothing ever seems to works out the way he plans. Although this does not stop him from trying. Being clumsy and somewhat awkward leads to all kinds of things going wrong.

Characteristics: In addition to MintMoos, he is the only Gelini that changes color. This often gets him into awkward situations. The others, especially Rufus, find that really funny and have nothing better to do, than to annoy him even more until he is so upset that he loses the little color, he has left and turns completely gray.