Nickname: "Frieda"

How do I recognize Frieda?

She is rose not pink! Particularly striking are her beautiful long eyelashes. Like her little brother DaBluu, her eyes are amber.

What does Frieda do?

Frieda can do it all: she can paint, drill, saw and hammer - literally everything, as long as it's messy! Of course she can also cook and bake, but if you ask her what she loves to do most of all, she will gladly tell you, "I LOVE to travel".

Characteristics: Frieda finds her rose color "Awesome"! Unlike her brother, she is a real doer. Wherever she shows up, she just goes at it, doing what needs to be done. The other Gelini would benefit from being a bit more like FreuleinFrieda from time to time.


In 2016 she fulfilled a long lived dream with her savings. She made an extensive trip to the USA.

Here you can see her flying over the Atlantic. At this point she has no idea what great things she will be experiencing.

Already on the first day she was on top of Rockefeller Center with her friend AnnaLinn. "WOW - that was cool"!