Nickname: "MintMoos"

How do I recognize MintMoos?

As his name suggests, he is green. Depending on the mood, his color can switch between a warm moss green and a rather cool mint green. At times, his expression can be rather depressing.

What does MintMoos do?

MintMoos true passion is exploring things, wanting to find out what’s behind something and always asking "why". He is the complete opposite of a jock, often trying to avoid any form of physical activity. When it comes to sport, he claims it's a "Waste of time". "I want to know how the world works," is his motto.

Characteristics: Because he is so eager to learn, he tends to get lost in thought. There are so many questions buzzing in his head that he simply has not found an answer to yet. A thought that makes him sad. That is also the reason why he often stands aloof. Others just find him "curious" and laugh at him while he questions things, even accusing him of asking stupid questions. But, there are no stupid questions!

Actually, Mint is such a bookworm. "There are always great things to read," he says!

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