Nickname: "Robbi"

How do I recognize Robbi?

Orange is his color. However, the best way to spot him is that he is always about to do something mischievous. And when he is on tour with his buddy RufusRed, he wears a black bandana. He thinks that makes him look really cool.

What does Robbi do?

"Take it easy" - That could be Robbi's motto. He sees with a certain serenity and ease. With this lightness and his irresistible charm, he managed to get RosaLi to fall for him. We'll hear a lot more about that soon ;o)

He has turned his hobby into a profession. Robbi is a surf instructor. On the water and on his board, he is completely in his element and forgets everything else around him.

Characteristics: Robbi doesn't get bored. He puts all his energy in the "here and now" - and enjoys the moment!