Nickname: "Bluu"

How do I recognize Bluu?

He is as blue as the sky, with amber eyes - just like his little sister Frieda. In addition, you can also recognize him because of his slightly smaller mouth.

What does Bluu do?

His favorite thing to do is… nothing - absolutely nothing! Especially in the summer, he loves to just sit down in the grass and stare into the sky while listening to music. Often daydreaming in broad daylight, while always enjoying the little things in life.

Characteristics: DaBluu is definitely a dreamer and usually has his head in the clouds. Punctuality is therefore not one of his strong suits. This is something not everyone understands which makes him feel a little bit lonely at times...


He gets weak by burgers and fries! Just one photo is enough to make his mouth water. You can literally see it.